Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miami Round 2


Ok ladies, so I’m back from my vacation and I must admit I had a great time. I chilled with my friends and enjoyed myself.  My camera’s USB cord is still missing. But I was able to get the IT guy at my job to download my photos on my flash drive. So here are a few photos I wanted to share with you guys from my vacation.  Make sure to hit up Mangos and Wet Willies should you ever go to South Beach. Best 2nd vacation ever.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flowers 4 Me


I am back to the blogging world, well not 100% but I’m almost there. I lost my camera’s USB cord, and then my laptop starting acting up on me. So I need a new USB cord to upload my pictures, plus a battery for my laptop.  A little sad because I can’t blog at work unless I get some down time which, isn’t often.  I have the opportunity to do it right now, so I wanted to tell you guys about my new shoe purchase.  When I saw them, I feel in love.  I do a lot of shopping it’s one of my many favorite things to do, just like my blogging.  I was doing some online shopping and guess what I came across? My shoes.  I took them with my camera but because my USB cord is missing the online pics are the next best thing.  I can’t wait to show you guys what I will wear them with.  I have the perfect outfit.  I am going on vacation on Friday, and hopefully when I come back everything will be up & running. I will have so many things to share with you.

What do you ladies think of my new babies?

Quote of the Day: “Don't let your Yesterday take up too much of your Today”