Sunday, January 29, 2012



Happy Sunday, it has been a great weekend and I hope you ladies enjoyed it.  Although today feels great, I was just not in the mood to take any pictures today, I wanted to enjoy my lazy Saturday and enjoying is what I'm doing.  It also gives me enough time to catch up on some of my school work and of course my blog reading.  For the new year I had challenged myself to not only wear my accessories more, but to also purchase more of them as well.  specifically bracelets, bangles & watches.  I have definitely been inspired by the arm parties that I have been seeing around town and from some of my blogger friends.  I have done the arm party so much but never thought to take pics and when I did take them, it was with my cell unlike me because I keep my camera in my purse at all times but when your having fun (or when I'm having fun) that's the last thing on my mind.  I wanted to share with you a couple of arm parties that I did take pics of with my cell phone of course and also my accessory box that's filled to the brim.  I don't know what options to use for organizing them, currently researching unique ways for that...please help.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Night of Blues

Hey Fashionista's,

Again, to all my followers I am sorry for the lack of post and I promise to try to keep them coming.  2012 just has not been starting off in my favor, but its nothing I can't handle.  I'm putting that "S" on my chest.  I have been down and out and sitting at home feeling blue.  I was so excited because tonight was the very first CapFabb Event of 2012 and I planned on attending, everyone knows once you get out and about you get out of that rut and I must say that I was looking forward to it.  Then in comes the family issue (inserts sad face here) and now my outing with all my fashionable bloggers looked like it wasn't going to happen.  I was all dressed and ready to mingle, so I thought I'd post pics of the look I was going to wear to the event.  I hoped you ladies had a great time and I can't wait to see your pics.

Style File: 
Sweater - Thrifted 
Pants - Rue-21
Shirt - Target
Booties- Gussini

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello Fashionista's,

Sorry I've been away so long but I have been handling some real life issues, what a start of the 2012 year for me, hoping everything works out in my favor.  I wanted to post my outfit that I wore to a day party Saturday.  I really needed to just hang out with my friends and not think about the "REAL WORLD" for a least one night.  I just love this blazer, its one of my favorite blazers I found thrifting, one of the things that I have become obsessed with  Also what do you ladies think of my hair, for those of you who follow me on twitter you know that I have challenged myself to not put any heat in my hair for the next six months.  This was my first time doing bantu knots and I thought the end results came out pretty decent considering that I don't do hair at all.  Anyway hope you ladies enjoy the pics.

Style File: 
Blazer - Thrifted 
Pants - Lexy (LVLX)
Shirt - Target
Boots - Lexy (LVLX)
Purse - Lexy (LVLX)

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Happy New Year to my Fashionista's.  I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.  I also would like to send a warm welcome & thank you to my new followers.  Its a new year and I am so eager to start new things, going out more, shopping and of course making new memories.  I didn't get a chance to really celebrate the new year because my mom moved this weekend however I will post my outfit that I wore on the last Friday of 2011.  FYI... I am on day 12 of my 6 month challenge of no heat in my hair.  So far so good, I'll make sure to keep you guys updated.

Style File: 
Shirt-Forever 21
Pants - Rue 21
Scarf - Target
Boots - Barefeet