Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion Fall Favs

I am so excited that Fall is arriving.  It's the perfect weather to me, I can wear jeans, scarfs, sweaters, blazers, heels, boots and flats.  You name it, you can wear it.  I have fallen in love with layering my clothes founding the outfit that can work for a single look or work in multiple ways by justing adding that extra piece of fabric.  I have been focusing on purchasing cardigans, sweaters, botton down tops and different scarfs to create different looks to add into my ever growing closet.  But, hey you can never go wrong with having too many clothes, especially if you have the perfect ensemble pieces.  Below I've listed some of my favorite fall looks, check them out.

What are some of your Fashion Fall Favs?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Back...Welcome Back...Wel-come Back

I am soooo excited to be back on the blogging world.  oh how I've  missed it.  I was down and out for way to long, but everything has fallen onto place the way its suppose to.  I know I have missed a lot of things, events and postings while I was away, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

My first event back to the blogging world was the Bloggers Like Me Me-etup, created by the fabulous Fashion Du Jour she has created something great here, BLM allows bloggers from all over to network with each other, and of course we all love to do that.  I literally signed up for BLM two (2) days before the meetup and was welcomed with open arms.  I attended the first BLM meetup for the DMV last Thursday and was lucky enough to meet some fabulous bloggers (some I knew, some I didn't).  All in all it was great to be welcomed back with a   Here's a recap of of the event with some photos that I did manage to take from my iPhone.

Stella&Dot sold by the lovely Karen (ME-ET UP organizer)

My lovely earrings from Mimi's boutique
Karen & Janeen