Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Shoes Day

Happy Tuesday Fashionista's

I know black Friday is coming up but I just couldn't resist the sales that are already going on.  I went to the mall to purchase a pair of black tapered pants (on my lunch break) and ended up with the two beauties listed below.  Another two boxes to stuff in my already over-crowded closet.  I will soon have to re-organize it for better use of space.  Needless to say I never made it into the store to get my black pants because I ran slightly overtime...lol.  So I'll be heading back to the mall on Friday, maybe my pants will be marked down even more.  By the way ladies Bakers have a great sale...HAPPY SHOPPING.


Fashion Pad said...

Ohhhh cute! This happens to me all the time. I go out in search of one item, then end up with another, or two, or three, LOL.

Tinu said...

Love the cream ones!!! that would look nice with jeans.