Monday, February 13, 2012

Style Blocked


I need your help, I found the cutest pink and white thrifted sweater but can't seem to think about what to style it with.  I thought about pairing it with some light, light blue denim jeans, but then what shoes to wear it with.  I am so back and forth with it.  The pic of the sweater is below, please give me some insight on what you think would work best with it and maybe I can have some fun with it and create the look you ladies come up with.


Tere said...

i really love it, is amazing!

Fashion Pad said...

Light blue denim would look great paired with tan or neutral platform pumps!

Naja Diamond said...

What a GREAT find lady!! Pastels are HOT this season! Some pastel jeans and a nude suede bootie would be divine with this sweater!! Have fun styling it!


Vivi said...

First of all, cute sweater!

Already in my head I'm picturing it being paired with a cream/white skinny jeans. Nude shoes and nude accessories to finish off the look.

If you want a bit of color like purple. Finish off the look with bold accessories.

Emmett Katherine said...

I think nude/beige shoes would look really good with this sweater and any shade of denim :)

Nyree said...

This sweater would be cute with some destroyed denim boyfriend jeans.

Trinnah said...

I love it! I think it would be perfect with the colored jeans trend right now. You could wear a pastel colored bottom with it. :) I agree with everybody on the neutral / nude pump.