Thursday, August 4, 2011


Hello Fashionista's

I mentioned in my last post that I  had attended three babyshowers in the month of July.  One on Saturday July 16th, Sunday July 17th and Saturday July 23rd so you know what that meant...lots of gifts and of course Cake, Cake & Cake.  Not so good for my diet, but I couldn't deny tasting those good looking desserts.   Here are a few pics from the celebrations of new life in the order of attendance.  Hope you fashionista's enjoy.  Until next time.

My cousin Kendra is welcoming her first baby boy at the end of August

Her Delicious Cake
Table Decorations just melts your heart

My friend Jakeea is welcoming the 2nd addition to her family

Sweet Tooth

Strawberry Cake...yummy

My sissy pooh welcomed her first baby girl Monday

Her Baby Shower Cake

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LA Lynn's said...

Wow... talk about baby booming!!!! Congrats to all the Mommy to BE'S!!!!